The Apparance Plugin for Unity 3D


Current Status Alpha Closed Beta Public Release

Closed Beta

The Apparance Unity Plugin is being evaluated by a number of teams. This is a private process, participation by agreement only at this stage. Once the Unreal version has been released, the work needed to bring the Unity version up to feature parity will commence.


Product Apparance Plugin for Unity 3D
Unity Versions Most 2019 and beyond
Schedule In progress...
Audience Private, limited
License Direct license only (Enquiries welcome)
  • Build of the Apparance Plugin for Unity 3D
  • Build of the Apparance Editor
  • Online user manual
  • 1:1 support, feedback, and discussion
  • Editor plugin: Win 64
  • Engine runtime: Win 64
  • Apparance editor: Win 64
  • Investigation - Work out how procedural generation can help you and your project.
  • Creativity - Enable you to build the procedural objects, scenery, and content you need.
  • Productivity - Flexible and powerful tools to build procedurally, and explore design space.
  • Not for millitary use or in any project designed to cause harm