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Procedural Content Creation

Latest News

Unreal Version Out Now!

What is Apparance? Watch the trailer below and scroll down to find out more...
Visit the product page for product specifications and comparison...

Other News

1 Million Nanite Bricks!

Placing loads of Nanite brick instances in Unreal 5

UE 5 + Megascans Timelapse

Timelapse of Apparance workflow, making buildings with Quixel Megascan assets in Unreal 5

Ed's Twitch Stream

Catch up with Ed as he builds procedural houses live on stream using Apparance


Apparance is a procedural generation plug-in designed to allow the interactive visual authoring of detailed and expansive 3D worlds. A play-space for procedural logic and their use in the generation of environments and objects. A fusion of programming and modelling that gives extensive control over your applications procedural elements.

The Apparance project is inspired by the flexibility of non-linear and node-based editing systems used in film, television, and games. The amazing compression achieved by the demo-scene using mathematics and procedural generation points towards the vast possibilities of large scale procedurally built game worlds.

Already used to great effect in bringing the dungeons to life (see below...)

If these ambitions sound interesting to you, please read on...

Build Smart Objects

  • Build smart procedural objects out of your assets.
  • Drive placement of meshes, blueprints, components and their properties.
  • Parameterise in any way you need to drive generation logic.
  • Experiment with procedurally generated meshes.

Add Variety, Save Time

  • Increase variety in your game with unique generated assets
  • Save time and resources populating the spaces in your world
  • Build re-usable and modular objects

Fully Interactive Editing

  • Enjoy fully interactive editing of parameters, graph structure, and all internal values.
  • Scrub through the parameter space to find the results you are after.
  • Rapidly test thousands of combinations as you work.

Rapid Iteration

  • Rapidly iterate on your designs, play with graph configuration, explore your parameter space.
  • Drag-and-drop connections and procedures to experiment.

High Speed Run-time Generation

  • Fully run-time multi-threaded background generation
  • Mesh accumulation and instanced rendering support
  • Allows for endless unique creations and experiences

Node Based Editor

  • Use node based scripting to author your procedural logic.
  • Create powerful hierarchies of procedures yet manage graph complexity by building up a library of re-usable parts.
  • It's procedures all the way down until you reach a fundamental operator that does the work.


Apparance is being used to build the many dynamic dungeons needed for the digital adaptation of the Gloomhaven boardgame being developed by Flaming Fowl Studios. Gloomhaven has just reached version 1.0 full release available in on Steam after several years of development and Early Access.

Find out more on the Gallery Page.

More Projects

Apparance has been used for numerous proof-of-concepts, trials, and experiments.

Find out more about a New York demo commission, exploring procedural dungeon generation, and the Multiverse experiments.


Apparance has been developed as a plugin for the following 3D engines:

Unreal Version Out Now!

Visit the product page for product specifications and comparison...

Unity Plugin Early Access

The full Apparance plugin for Unity 3D is still in development but the Early Access version (as used in Gloomhaven) is available by direct license. Find out more...

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