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Apparance Beta • Version 0.9 • 6th April 2017

Release Notes

Welcome to the Apparance Beta. Thankyou for joining in helping me improve and direct the development of the project. This page outlines what you can expect and what I'm hoping to achieve from this phase of the project.

The sections below show you some important information about the Beta, and where to get started. For a full overview of the project visit the Apparance Website

Please, please, sign up to the Apparance mailing list by emailing, or follow on Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of other places too (via the Contact Page).

Have fun and I'd love to hear how you get on.



Things new to this version:

  • Tabbed editor UI
  • View button on edit UI
  • Tutorial updated to refer to new UI


I have been squirrelling away on the project for ages and it's about time I got it out there for everyone to see. There were a lot of things I needed to achieve and technically prove before doing so however, but I think I am now at the point where I'm happy to release.

I'd like for you to think about the following goals for the Beta:

  • Blockers - Any blocking issues, bugs, crashes, confusion?
  • Feedback - First impressions, thoughts on the whole idea.
  • Interesting - Is this project going to be interesting to people?
  • Discussion - Further discusion about the project.
  • Direction - Thoughts on the direction to take the project.
  • Future - How is the project going to proceed, how to sustain it?
  • Funding - What form of funding is going to work, and where from?

For more information about the project plan, timeline, and progress have a look at the Releases Page online.

State Of Play

What we have so far is:

  • A rendering engine (with procedural shader support, but without texturing/UVs)
  • Scene graph for display of procedurally generated geometry at various detail levels
  • Tools for building and interactively editing these procedures
  • Standalone player for viewing procedures full-screen without the editing UI

Apparance is not game-ready yet, there are a number of important systems still needed to support a releasable game. These will be the focus of project over the coming months.

Getting Started

System Requirements

To run Apparance you need to be running Windows 7 or later. The more CPU speed/cores and system memory you have, the better the experience will be. As a bare minimum you need a dual-core machine with 512MB memory.


Apparance doesn't require an explicit installation process, just unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file into a sensible place on your machine to carry out the evaluation. Bear in mind that there will be future updates and it is best to keep them separate rather than unzipping one over the top of another.

Visit the Getting Started manual page for details on the contents of the download and how to proceed from there.

NoteIf you are upgrading from an earlier version, you can copy any project folders you've created into the new Data folder. The data formats aren't going to change much and will be backwardly compatible. It's worth using the new versions of the example projects though as these will continue to be developed.

Contact & Feedback

Please email me at, via any of the channels listed on the contact page on the website or any other personal channel you have.

There isn't a forum for discussing Apparance yet, and I'm open to suggestions about what form this would take and how best to set it up.

Terms & Conditions

A few of the usual bits and bobs. Please read and make sure you are happy to proceed.


  • Please don't share your copy of the Apparance binaries.
  • I've done my best to write good software, but it is not possible to guarantee it won't break in some interesting way.

Social Media

  • I'm happy for you to post/blog/tweet images/video/etc of Apparance in action.
  • If you do, please make it clear it's a Beta release, i.e. Work In Progress, or similar caveat.
  • Linking to the web-site is fine. Be aware though that the site content and layout is subject to change so it's usually best to link to the main page only.


The editor and player applications use the Google Analytics service to track a few things:

  • When the editor or player is started and stopped
  • How long it takes to start
  • Which version of the editor or player it is
  • Which procedures are opened and viewed
  • If they crash

It also creates a random identifier which is sent to the Analytics service to allow tracking of unique users and associate sessions together. This is completely anonymous and can not be used to identify you (unless you share your ID explicitly).